FBWe have the power to shape our experience of the world we live in. The _MG_9082-2attitude and outlook we bring to whatever we are engaged in directly affects those around us as we make our way through life.

Whether you are preparing to publicly declare your love and commit to a life with your partner, bless your new baby or home, or want to develop skills of personal mastery, it would be my joy and honor to serve in assisting you. Spiritual_Int

Every time I am blessed with the opportunity to speak to a group, teach a class, perform a wedding, or guide a person along their soul path I feel truly honored and blessed.

The sacredness of life is all around us. All we need to bring it forth is our conscious awareness and decision to choose a path of love, compassion and wisdom.

My relationship with Life is one of love, honor and respect. It is my joy to DSC_0107share that with others in a spirit of service in any way I can. As an Interfaith Minister it is my belief that God shows up all around us, if only we bother to slow down enough to see. Unconcerned as to what we think about God, Spirit is more concerned with us allowing love to show up through us in thoughts, words, and actions. Life is blessed when we act in blessing.

I invite you to take a look around the website and contact me for your personal ministry needs. I look forward to hearing from you.