Weddings, ceremonies, and spiritual consultation. Assisting humanity in deepening the connection with that which is greater than ourselves!


Officiating wedding ceremonies is one of my favorite things about being a minister. It is such a joy for me to work with you and your loved one to help you create your next steps in growing a life together.

I am an Interfaith Minister, ordained through The New Seminary in New York. I chose to become an Interfaith Minister because I found over the years that my relationship with Spirit was bigger than any one particular religious faith. I found that I love and honor all of the paths to God and am able to support and encourage spiritual growth and transformation for the individual in ways that celebrate and honor the very best of their personal experience with God.

As a wedding officiate, my goal is to create a meaningful, individual ceremony that honors your desires, while creating an environment that is comfortable for your family and guests as they join in your celebration of love. I have experience joining couples from many different and varied backgrounds. Many times when couples have felt unable to find what they want with a traditional minister, they have been very pleased with the ceremony we created together.

I look forward to working with you and your partner in creating a beautiful ceremony that reflects your love and commitment.


Rev. Annette Mize


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