About Annette


Interfaith Minister

Holding a vision of a living world populated with awareness, compassion and wisdom, it is my honor to gratefully serve the present moment through mindful thoughts, words, and actions.

My love of Spirit and my belief in the inherent sacredness of life, along with my deep belief that what we think of as God is much bigger than any one religion’s limited view, led me to seek training and ordination through The New Seminary in New York.  Ordained in 2008, it has been my pleasure to serve in several New Thought churches in the Atlanta area.  With over 20 years of study and practice in a variety of areas, my personal path of mindfulness and awareness has allowed me to serve and assist many people from many different belief systems. Having a background so rich in spiritual diversity has given me a true appreciation for the threads of compassion, wisdom, and awareness that are common to the religions and spiritual expressions of humanity. The more I see how the power of love, connection, and community positively effect the world around me, the more convinced I become that it is our decision to take personal responsibility for our world that makes the lasting changes. Whether sharing that power of love through ceremonies such as wedding, classes and workshops, or pastoral companionship, it is my joy to serve and share in this glorious experience of life.

Ceremony Officiant


Celebrating the richness of life’s transitions through beautiful personal ceremonies that unite couples, families and communities with love, depth, and meaning.

Your love makes a difference in the world!

Officiating wedding and commitment ceremonies is one of my favorite things about being a minister! It’s your wedding and I believe your ceremony should be about you and the love you share! As a wedding officiant, my goal is to create a meaningful, individual ceremony that honors your needs and desires while creating an environment that is comfortable for family and guests as they join in the celebration of your love. It has been my pleasure to join couples from many different and varied backgrounds. Many times when couples have felt unable to find what they want with a traditional minister, they have been very pleased with the ceremony we created together.

Spiritual Growth Facilitator

Supporting a world that embraces life-long personal growth, exploration and development by offering deep listening, compassionate connection and spiritual companionship.Spiritual_Int

We can make a difference in the world! In fact we are the difference. When we invest in growing and developing the power of peace within ourselves, we change the world.  We can learn and develop habits that grow peace within us. Cindy Wigglesworth, developer of the SQ21 Spiritual Intelligence Assessment, defines Spiritual Intelligence as the ability to act with wisdom and compassion while maintaining inner and outer peace, regardless of the circumstances. How would your world change with the development of skills such as that?



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