I truly love working with couples to create a personal, meaningful ceremony that reflects the love you share for one another. Here are some thank you’s I have received over the years:

“Thanks for making our day so special and relevant!”– Kaitlyn P.

“Hi Annette,

Thank you, it was a pleasure to have you present our wedding. You did more than we ask for with the reading and still kept it simple and very touching. It was wonderful!!  We really appreciate it! We are on our honeymoon now and having a wonderful experience. The reception was so much fun but went by too quickly. Of course that’s what everyone told me but wow, it was fast. All the best!” –Ahn P.

“Rev. Annette,
Thanks again for a beautiful, sweet ceremony! ”–Meredith and John M.

“Hi Rev. Annette,

We are still basking in the afterglow of our wedding.  You did a great job officiating the ceremony.  We loved how you wove in the different topics and how you were easy-going and light!  We received lots of feedback about how people just loved the ceremony.” — Steffanie & Arndt

“Hi Annette!

We would like to thank you for such a beautiful ceremony and spiritual message.  The tie-in with the things we discussed at our meeting were perfectly intertwined in your words!  We couldn’t wait to get to our vows and word has it, folks were in tears!” –Ayana and Maxwell B


1 thought on “Testimonials

  1. Susan Alston

    Dear Reverend Annette
    Jacob and I want to thank you for the absolutely beautiful ceremony you provided at our wedding. We had peace of mind beforehand because of your willingness to take time with us to create our personalized vows. If there’s any way you could send us the pieces you read, we would love to hear it again! As our emotions were high, we have a hard time recalling the words, but remember that your vows were everything we had hoped for, making us feel like all the elements that were important to us were mentioned. In the moment and thinking back to the wedding, I knew it was perfect and beautifully said. I also really appreciate you mentioning the God’s Knot to us, as I had never heard it before, and it was a wonderful part of our ceremony. Your personality was admired among all of guests, as they all were captured by the emotions and feelings Jacob and I felt as you spoke to us. We are truly blessed to have met you and to have had the pleasure to have you join us together for life as husband and wife.

    With gratitude,
    Jacob and Susan Alston


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